Sunday, August 17, 2014

Port Closed

The tide gates are locked tight and the draw bridge is down
There’s no wind in the air, not a rustle or a sound, no breeze in the lungs, just the smell of the town

The boat moves irrationally, the wakes of the boats all around

To ponder the journey will take some time, a few beers would be nice, but there’s sleep that is needed, if it can ever be found

Ahh the different sounds a port brings to your ears, the sound of kids and the tourist’s loud cheers, is this somehow real or just one of my fears

To touch land is needed, there are stores and repairs, to your brain and the spars, just have a look from deck to hounds

But to be locked to a port is something quite strange, you're safe but you're trapped, like a cat on a chain you can only go around and around

Please let the weed grow slow on the hull, may the city dust be washed clean by the rain, those beautiful white sheets, will soon be green like the fields

Your intuitive feelings, the weather and the sea, it changes and stops as the bustle of the world seem to envelop you completely from the top

Don’t let this time stay, there are waves just outside the bay, the ocean isn’t just about sailing it’s about living a very different sway

A sailor's way is not so deranged, the needs and the feel are all really quite real, they can never be compared to city life with its hustle or the compounds of the port.


I used to feel guilty, lazy and even irresponsible if I ever felt like I wanted to have an afternoon snooze.
There have been understandable times, maybe after a long weekend lunch, or when feeling illl that an afternoon snooze was considered acceptable.
Over the years of being so much closer with animals in the wild I have finally come to the conclusion even when I look around, even with our domestic animals that snoozing is not such a silly thing.
Count the number of times that you see you pet dog have nap during the day ? the birds sitting in the trees you can see them with their head tucked under their wings, maybe not for long but they are doing it regularly.
How does your cat react after half an hour on your lap when you get up to make a cup of coffee, you have woken them up and they tell you !
Because animals don’t have the structured society constraints that we do, they naturally do what their bodies tell them to do, rest, it’s not so silly. If they have been busy for some time using their bodies and their minds (god only knows what they are thinking about) but they do what they know is right for them.
To rest is to recover, to rest is to be able to maintain peak performance when its needed, no wonder us humans feel so tired by the end of the day and are not able at perform or to react when needed spontaneously.
So go and have a snooze and think about it !