Wednesday, December 24, 2014


If the adage “Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil” are wise words then why do I feel that there is something missing ?
If the premise of these wise words are to make our actions better and our lives a little more positive, then why doesn’t it mention the starting point to how the basis and cycles that occurs around these actions that carry evil and negativity, that point being “Thinking”
Thinking no evil, is very relevant to all of these, and if  possibly we concentrated firstly on making sure that we weren’t “Thinking” evil, then the other functions wouldn’t be such a bother.
Because to “Speak evil”, you have to be thinking evil
To “Hear evil” means that you are thinking or seeking fault or bad qualities in what others are saying
To “See evil” is often a perspective of our thinking about looking for perfection and correctness in everything, and everyone around us.
They all seem to be part of a catch 22 situation where negative and evil thoughts tend to bring on only more negativity.
I will continue the day with some positive thinking, and then the rest may just take care of itself.