Friday, August 26, 2016

Heart Beat

Heart Beat
You came into all our lives so many years ago, it happened with heart beats
We shared our lives in so many ways, laughed and learn't, with heart beats
The love and genuine care was simple and real, and always with heart beats
During our lives there were many experiences, you created new heart beats
For those moments we can be so proud to have shared similar heat beats
Whilst your heart beats were cut short, you continue to breathe in our lives forever more.
Baz, we miss you, we feel for you, you were in our lives in so many ways
The French are much kinder in their expression of "Brother in law", they refer to them as "Beau-frère" , meaning Beautiful Brother
Rest calmly in your soul, we will always remember the heart beats.

The Dark Side

The Dark Side
If I reflect on life before, if I find myself thinking and analysing what has transpired
The people, the situations, the darkest moments, the fears that have been endured
My anger which has flared and the gut wrenching moments that have torn the essence of my belief system to shreds
I have lived those moments and experiences, I thought about them deeply at the time, but moved on
I look at myself today and question, do any of these emotions and experiences that I still hold in my conscious or subconscious continue to add any value or benefit to the life that I live today, or for the vision I have for a positive future existence
I am completely responsible for what I allow to remain in my mind, as I do with everything I chose to do



If we possibly spent more time focused on wanting what we need
as opposed to needing what we want, then the waste of time, money and energies
could be far better enjoyed with fulfilled needs and not wanting a lot.


Get into my soul

Get into my soul
So nice to see you again, how have you been ?
Oh I am so sorry to hear about that, at least they passed away quickly
Things must be going ok for you though, is that a new platinum credit card ?
Wow the surgery makes you look 20 year younger, I hope it didn't hurt too much
Well the holiday you've had must have been nice, I am sure that even your nipples are brown
But tell me, how are you really ? do you feel good, I mean about yourself
Are those re-occurring dreams still happening, and do those pick me up drugs work anymore?
You seem fine, but there is something that I can't quite put my finger on
I remember when we used to laugh, god how we used to chuckle
The raw honesty that we shared, is it still there, do you remember what I mean
No, I suppose not, your work and career have been so important these days
Yes of course I'm fine, still my normal self, a few bumps and scratches, but the same
So when can we meet again ? maybe a coffee or a meal ? sure I understand, It's hard to get a booking at the dentist these days
Hey, no drama, give me a call when you have time, when you want to get into my soul
Don't slap the surface of my heart, this only ripples and leaves some horrible marks
Dive into my soul, swim strong and deep we'll both feel the energy with every stroke
Water and me share common qualities, maybe old but still fresh, full of emotion, not created by motion
To bathe in your soul, I feel the love for you grow when you do the same with me
I want to swim naked deep inside of you, discover the person I care so strongly about
Teach me your dreams, let me feel your fears
Just be real with me.

Time to talk

Time to talk
It's is often very difficult for two people at the same time to be available, in the right mood, not distracted or have other people around for us to be able to talk, relaxed and free with our words.
So let's enjoy those times when it is that way, and understand that those moments are very special and valuable, the other times are just mile stones marking the path between the special points in our lives.


My woman

My woman
I dont want to breathe without your air in my lungs
My sleep can't be sleep without the warmth of your flesh
I won't dream without your wisdom and strength
Your touch or caress changes the frustrations and the stress
The tears we may share are the streams of our souls
There are no shadows when we walk, by your side there is only sun
Our lives are tightly entwined like the weaving of silk
We make real because we are one
Mine and yours are indelibly one in itself

Inspired by an apricot, Stephen