Friday, October 23, 2015

Football players and Ballerinas

Football players and Ballerinas
In both these professions everyone likes and wants to feel important, and whilst both performers are quite different they both have their ways and their tendencies that can, from an outsiders view point be quite interesting and even amusing to witness.
It’s not very often that I speak, or write about land based sports, but I so often explain to people that clouds are very much like footballers and ballerinas.
Clouds all have their own types and personalities which when studied closely or if you are just in the habit of being surrounded by them on a daily basis you soon get to see how, and why each have their own idiosyncrasies.
There are cloud that big and strong, they don’t like being pushed around and normally get their own way (Cumulonimbus thunder head towering clouds) there are the soft and fluffy ones, that just want to have a quiet peaceful life and to do just “nice” things in life (Cumulo Humulus, trade winds clouds).
There are the goal keepers that won’t let anything through, they mark the barriers which stop the mixing between different types (Stratus, layered clouds that are at temperature and moisture layered points in the sky, like a blanket)
And you couldn’t miss the pretty and perfect performers that dance in the sky, flutter their wings and make art work and patterns in the upper reaches of the sky (Fracto cirrus, wispy wind driven clouds that mark the oncoming performance)
At some stage there is going to be trouble, it can’t be avoided, you couldn’t have a world of performers prancing around without someone’s noses getting put out of joint, a bit like the local rugby team accidently walking into a gay bar, there is going to be some trouble. And that’s what happens with clouds as well, we see it clearly when cloud masses of different temperature, density, moisture content clash with each other, Yes Thunder and lightening ! and what a knock out battle you get to see there.
And guess what, they all have ego’s and feel that they are all individually “special” and rightly so. But whichever cloud you are dealing with at any given point you must respect that their performance is part of the grand spectacular that we all can witness each and every day, as long as we look to the sky, above and around us, you will never be lost to find a new friend to learn about, talk to, admire or to possibly understand.
Long live the clouds, one of nature’s performers

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cutting Wind

Cutting Wind
That beautiful wind flowing fast through the trees, it cuts through the flesh and tears open the heart.
How can it be, that it’s in vigour is so real, it’s just a happy wee wind that is young, full of sprite.
The freshness and touch began right from the start, pure and so sweet with a future
Let it flow, too and fro,  through the soul and the bones, dress well and protect, it could take all your best.
Its time will end, when the seasons change and bend,  never mind where it has gone, it a mystery  of long.
We build and we block, lands that normally were not, the winds go astray in a different confused way.

Boats are Women

Boats are Women
In English speaking countries, boats are referred to as women.
If men who sail their boats only realized that they could do well by treating both their boats and their women in a similar way then both voyages would be a little smoother.
Because if just having a "fuck" brings the man moments of pleasure, the reality is that paying a little  more attention to his woman in making heartfelt passionate love would possibly bring boundlessly more enjoyment for both.
Boats are really no different, short and quick satisfaction may seem grand, but if it's for lasting pleasure then you need to consider listening to the needs, signs and the reactions that a boat gives.
To great loves, long may they be.

So what did you do last month ?

 So what did you do last month ?
Well, life just seems to drift along with the same routine, I can't complain as I do try to build in some variety.
The weeks have been going so fast, and the work seems never ending, it's been 7 days a week that I find myself working, I just can't seem to switch my brain off.
I have been doing a lot of training programs lately, great when the people are open minded and positive, but hell when you have negative little shits who just shouldn't be there. I've had these foreign people as well, their English is not so good, so the courses seem to take 3 times as long, they just don't understand, no matter how I try to explain and even draw pictures, there is always this blank look on their faces.
Well even though the days have been long, at least when work is finished I can go and do some fishing, I started using some different hooks and lures, but I just kept on loosing them, don't know what was biting the dam things off, but I lost 6 or 8 in the last three weeks! Pay has been bad so I started making them out of Coke cans, quite fun until I found that the only thing it attracted were sharks. Nearly scared the day lights out of me when this 2.5 meter shark kept snapping and tugging at the can.
The weekends come and they go, we have been happy as there have been some long weekends, means we have been able to get away and see some different places, Gibraltar was nice, so English, Canaries was a bit dry and dusty but the temperature and the food was brilliant.
Paid some bills, they always pile up, but at least I ordered a new Zodiac, great price, better not tell the missus yet otherwise she will go nuts, but I know that she and the gang will be happy as I do take them to some fun spots with it.
We hadn't been to Cape Verde before so this was nice change, we were all so excited, that was all well and good until we found that we ate something strange and all ended up with upset stomachs, poor Jo must have used a bus load of toilet paper !
So my work has been on my mind, some nights I just can't sleep, I sit outside to think, which is a good thing as you do see some amazing things when the world is asleep. There's shooting stars by the hundreds, and we even saw one night a total eclipse of the moon, how lucky was that as it was a totally clear night.
Trying to think of something different to do to take my mind off work, some days I just think my life is all work work work, I even feel like a robot some times.
I may sneak a few hours off tomorrow as I have to drive to this other place, well on the way is this really cool spot that I haven't seen for years, there's good fishing there too, its called the "Rocks of Saint Paul's" sounds more like a cathedral than the reality that it's just a couple of boulders jutting out of the water. Anyway  it will keep the gang amused, they love it when I take them to different spots.
I better get back to it, as it's my shift now, and I am not meant to be stooging around on the computer when I should be driving the boat.

Escape the port prison

Escape the port prison
I am in chains and locked behind concrete walls, they say it’s for my own protection, but why does it trouble me so.
There is no movement, no wind, just the smell of the stinking rot that permeates all my senses, its visual, and it’s felt 24 hours a day.
This concrete habitation offends my being, I sneeze and I cough, the pollution is total and is all around, my logic is turmoil because I know that I am paying for this experience.
How can I sleep, when the trucks roll by and bounce on the road humps that are meant to keep life safe and civilized, the street sirens in my sleep just warning of what will happen to me if I stay too long.
Ahh where are the joys of these cities of steel and bricks, designed with the imagination of a gold fish, fabricated to only last a fashion season, and at a cost that holds the inhabitants in debt just long enough that they must stay in place until retirement.
The calculated superannuation plan that will never be fully used is manipulated to give some hope of many years of freedom to come, but the number cruncher's know their game and our life expediencies all too well.
I am a rare and fortunate creature, I was allowed to test that the grass can be greener on the other side of the fence. But to climb that fence wasn’t by fortune, by gift or by heritage, just determination and desire.
We can live our dreams, but most will never, if we constantly condition ourselves by the surrounding consumerism and media signals, then we will never leave our prisons that we pay for.
But ports are made with an opening to the sea, thank god I can freely sail with a good breeze.