Monday, December 12, 2016

Deception of the Heart

At 6 I kissed a girl for the first time, we giggled, but riding bikes were more fun.
By 11 manhood rose to the occasion, I experimented on how many bath towels I could hang from my boat hook, amazing !
When I was 15, Virginity was not her name, but I came and she went, quite an interesting but messy experience.
Teenage years were mixed emotions, some boys tried to show me the other side of the fence, but I realised that I didn't want to be a woman.
My twenties were a shattering blow, dumped and left in a heap for no rhyme or reason, my woman had seen another brighter life on the other side of the world.
Thirties were times of dreams and goals, and women never seemed to fit in at the right time or place because the ocean had captured my heart.
Forties were fun, success and adventure opened doors and draws, my mind and romance were at a better and healthier balance.
Furious fifties bring winds of change, where will these blow me, no one knows, the balance of genuine people, sincerity in experiences and a passion to add value to life rules.

Our lives are short, we are reminded more often now of the fragility as friends and loved ones pass and fall off the perch, but life is very new and the days to learn are still as real as ever if we keep our minds fresh and alive.
Our bodies show us the natural cycles that we were designed for, our mind controls our actions, but also limits our capabilities, society screws around with both, and imbeds false and manipulated messages as it seeks to control and govern us "larger ants of the world"


People Perfection

The imperfection of the person is an integral part of the perfection

I know that those that I admire, like or love are human and fallible, as I am, and therefore I can be far more at ease as I concentrate on the brilliance of the good, knowing that the balance of negative aspects are shadowed into insignificance (accepted but not dismissed) hopefully between all parties.