Friday, May 29, 2009

Time to XPLORE!

In these times of economic uncertainty, there is still one currency you can count on. Experience. ‘And one investment that will never fail. Investing in yourself. Especially now, We invite you to join our world of wonder in the south aboard Xplore. It’s a world not bound by stocks and bonds and interest rates. Where ‘climbing’ refers to treks across glacial ice; and ‘plummet’ refers to the crystal streams of Tierra del Fuego. Where the clamor of the stock market’s opening bell is dulled by the cacophony of 300,000 King Penguins on a South Georgia beach. Dare to overcome obstacles others cannot even imagine; be inspired by natural beauty others only dream of; and fortify yourself for the changing world, with the strength, wisdom, perspective, and confidence that true adventure and exploration provides. With the coming 2009/2010 season Xplore has built on our past successes to provide a rewarding selection of journeys and destinations for all tastes and levels. Whether you long to experience the immeasurable wildlife of South Georgia, explore the icy wonders of Antarctica, or the grandeur of Tierra del Fuego, there has never been a better time to Xplore. We have held our rates at last year’s level, and offer terrific incentives for returning guests and friends. Please review the new 2009 / 2010 programme on line and let us know when you will come Xplore with us! Stephen Wilkins and Nicolas Pichelin Skipper and Expedition Leader Xplore Expeditions

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