Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rio de la Plata, River of Silver

The Rio de la Plata, river of silver, literally translated.

Tonight is one of those silver nights, there is no wind as we come the final miles from the tormentuous south, 172 nautical miles left to travel as we cross the continental shelf in front of the River Plate to our winter destination of Piriapolis Uruguay.

Not often do you get to see nights like tonight, especially where we have come from, the moon hasn't risen yet, but the clarity in the warm air as Xplore slides along, making wavelets of silver phosphorescence randomly from each side as we oh so gently roll along in the oily sea.

The stars are out, which just makes the romance of such a special night, they not only twinkle in the sky above, but they are perfectly mirrored in the water all around us.

The silver may have come from the mountains nearby, but tonight the oceans around are wearing it like a grand ball night.


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