Monday, October 11, 2010

Half an hour can be special

Golden rays of light, so strong in colour density that you could eat them.

The sun dips to the edge of the horizon but doesnt give the green flash of love.

The dolphins rise high into the sky as they jump from the bow waves.

The steady winds slip across the sails, helpful hands taking us softly south.

The cresent moon and the evening star are so bright and clear, the night is near.

The warm days light, is replaced by moist air, the close of a perfect day.

The stealthy mist creeps into every space, the deck becomes damp and the windows fog.

Soon we are wrapped for bed, the fog is all around, the world outside cant be seen or found.

Stephen 38 31 South 56 32 west, course 224 T, speed 7.5, temp 12

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