Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet Sister Sue, I fell in love today

Oh dear sister Sue, what can I tell you, I dont know how it happened but I fell in love today.

She's such an incredible woman, with curves and hips that send me quite wild, she moves so sweet and being with her everyone turns their eyes to stare at our grace.

I feel so good being by her side, I feel like a man when she is tucked under my arm.

She purr's and sings in such a sweet way, I now know how a woman can be when she's content and at ease with me.

For years I have looked for this woman, and for so long I didnt realise that she was there right next to me.

As friends in the past we have taken great paths, rough and extreme, much of the world that we have seen.

But today she has opened my eyes, and let me be the person that I have always wanted to be, the smile that rises on my face is the proof that true love is really in place.

Stephen and Xplore South Pacific 12 knots true wind, 38 apparent, 8.2 knots boat speed, 1/2 meter smooth swell

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