Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gannets Play and Ocean Spray

Oh such fun, those dopey young gannets, their mother fly's and guides them to a boat, we cut and break the water, a good way to find easy fish.

But the young, are the young, no matter what species, and its better to have fun, never know, mum will help with the food when the tummy gets run down.

They are such silly things on wings, flitting and diving between the back draft from the sails, they get lifted and knocked as the boat and sails rise and fall with the ocean swell.

What's those funny things sticking up out of the boat they say ! Oooo, come on lets try and bite them on the fly, it will be fun any way.

They float on the wind, and concentrate on the movements of the boat and its bits, opps forgot there was others around as they bump into each other, and give a squawk in mid flight at other who they just knocked about.

To be young and have wings, the world is in front of them all.

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