Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drakeonian Explorer's

Drakeonian Explorer's

You cant help but wonder how early explorers from the late 1700's through until early 1900's coped with the hard ship of the frozen south, I think of them often, like now mid way across the Drake Passage.

Even today with all the modern equipment on board and incredible protective HL wet weather gear with goretex layers, you cant for a moment wonder what those poor sods felt like and that they even had any fingers or toes left after a voyage to the "Freezer" as we often call it, remarkable endurance and fortitude.

For the team on Xplore heading south for our special project its important that I give thanks and acknowledgment to them all, at the start and I am sure at the finish.

Meghann Jones, Australian (culinary whiz)
Debbi Smith, Scotland (trooper with a sandy wit)

Fernando Landeta, hydrography technician,Chilean (cant help but smile)
Yoann Boulaire, hydrographer Shom, France (so hydro, he was probably born on  the sea floor)

Alesia Ramanenka, Belaurus (quietly knowing)
Ugo Angelelli, Italy (Mr history with gizzmo's)
John Clark, Australia (Irish and infectious)

Thanks team, so no matter what or how much we acheive, the journey and experience is what truly counts, because we are out here doing it.

Stephen Wilkins, skipper and expedition leader, Australian (where there's a Wilkins, there's a way)

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