Saturday, March 16, 2013

In my fathers dreams

In my father's dream there was the future of mankind and his life.

He could see with clarity the path of the hard working and righteous, and he knew that he was one of those few.

My father, his work and his passion for peace to all men and women took him to wild and remote areas where his visions and willingness to serve the betterment of mankind shone out.

My father loves his family, his wife, his children, and he also accepted and showed that same love to outsiders who needed a true, peaceful love that he was willing to share.

In my life I have seen strong qualities in me that come from that man, my father, I am different but there are some characteristics' that can't be hidden, the genes are the genes, I hope that I have achieved with honour half of what my father has.

The turning cycles of life seems long, but come very fast, I can still remember holding and playing with my father's hands in church, running my fingers over his strong but line worn palms in wonder at how strong and large they were. I was five then, and I look forward to seeing my father again so that he can play the same game on mine at 50.


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