Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Give a little bit

Give a little bit.

I have always wondered how humans make the conscious and unconscious balance about giving, is it because we do this with a heartfelt desire, it cant be with everyone I ask myself.
There are family members, there are friends, there are fellow workers, and the companies that employ us, and the strangers even in the street, our partners and lover, there are so many varying degrees and reasons why we give.
The money, the acceptance, the pure pleasure, the greed and the behind the deed objectives that can so often cloud the initial act which seems so genuine and real, quite a mixed puzzle.
So what is real and what is contrived ?, possibly if you think about it too much there would be not a lot of satisfaction, as doubt can so often bring in the negatives, and not the possibly intended positive, a human instinct and trait in it self.
But there does come a time, hopefully often, that the giving is a mutually and natural experience which is shared between the majority of those that we come in contact with on a regular basis, it is meant to be a revolving circle between the ones that exists in our lives in so many ways and fields.
But giving cant, and I think shouldn't need to be counted, other wise the balancing scales which can never really be added up have gone out of kilter....... time to exit left of stage ?.
May our lives have many very real and genuine giving experiences, even in the smallest of ways it does make a difference.

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