Saturday, September 13, 2014

Clone a dinosaur

Clone a dinosaur
I am starting to wonder if the saying “Survival of the fittest” is really that valid these days.
With modern technology, medicine and the wonderful operations that are now possible along with the drugs, have our life expectancies have been pushed far beyond what our bodies were originally designed for?
It seems that everyone can live to a “ripe old age” without too much bother. You don’t hear too often of people in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s dying unless it’s from an accident.
So as our societies and governments are adapting slowly to this reality that our populations are growing but not passing away so fast, this unleashes a raft of issues that need to be faced and dealt with if our planet is going to be able to accommodate the multitudes.
Social values are changing globally but not enough to stop or stabilise birth rates, same sex marriages slow the population growth a little, but histories of plagues don’t seem to come about so often.
Like so many forms within the animal kingdom there exists a food chain, it’s a well known and understood reality that the strongest, wisest do survive but most have another larger predators waiting in the wings for when the weak, slow, ill or silly to find themselves in the wrong place at the right time.
So where do us humans sit in the overall food chain? The top of course. We have created our cities and our protective measures to ensure that we are so well looked after that there is no real reason why we can be in danger, at any time. Look at the health and safety measures that we have created, look at the multitudes of signs showing dangers, cautions, instructions, they’re everywhere you look and all the risks are removed.
But if I look at the packaging I can’t seem to find the use by date for humans, maybe best before green should be stamped somewhere on us?
But the miracles of science could be brought to bear if they took the DNA of dinosaurs and cloned a few, not the really scary huge ones, they would destroy all of our beautiful parks and gardens, but maybe some medium sized ones could whip us all into line a bit, improve the fitness levels and reduce obesity a bit, and if we didn’t, well there would be some well fed animals next up the food chain. Quite an interesting thought?

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