Friday, April 3, 2015

Corsican thoughts in soft rain

If the feelings of despair, of wasted emotions and the struggles of great endeavors could be captured and caged, then cremated, we could possibly sleep easier.
Each day that passes I am frustrated if nothing has been achieved, gained or moved forward, with work, life and relationships.
I must remind myself constantly whilst I go through this period of banishment that this time is for reflections, a time to grow in different ways, to change and to see things in a light I have never experienced before.
When I re-emerge, that is the question ? will I be stronger, wiser, better prepared for the next? and what is next?
From past experience the right and next step will present itself, sometimes is appears boldly, and sometimes as a subtle shadow that once seen grows in light, strength and clarity.
Exterminate the demon thoughts that trodden the paths into cavernous gutters that can trap us for days before we can slowly climb to the ridges where some perspective of our surrounds can be evaluated.
Short cuts or bold steps can't be taken without perspective and hindsight. But we also need energies when these openings appear.
God give me wisdom, strength, determination in all of my convictions, beliefs, desires and plans.

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