Friday, June 12, 2015

Stopping London

If you decided to plan a terrorist attack in London you would certainly stop the city. However the consequences and ramifications could be a little bit messy.

On Wednesday the 10th of June at 1212 Xplore was able to do just that, stop the traffic in central London, when Tower Bridge opened up to let Xplore under full sail to navigate through this historic land mark.

As part of the 100 year anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Xplore visited London to promote the up coming expedition with the UK Royal Navy team who's expedition we will be doing next January in Antarctica and South Georgia.

Moored at HMS President the view up the Thames to Tower Bridge was magical, everyone at the Navy base were so welcoming, our time there will certainly be well remembered.

A further highlight of the week here in London was the visit to Xplore of the honourable Alexandra Shackleton, grand daughter of Sir Ernest Shackleton who is greatly enthusiastic and supportive of the Antarctic Endurance expedition which we will be doing.

I was pleased to have presented her a signed copy of one of the Xplore hydrographic "Crafty Charts" showing that the spirit of discovery and adventure is still very much alive.

Xplore will remain in London for the next few days participating in a Polar code conference at the Royal Geographical Society, organised by IAATO as the new regulation in polar shipping will effect all vessels in Antarctic and Arctic waters.

Well worth doing if you visit London is a visit to historic St Katherines dock where Xplore is now moored, this picture perfect old world marina is such a fantastic location is central London.

Stephen Wilkins

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