Friday, December 5, 2008

Xplore South Georgia Expedition 2008: Final Report

Land Ahoy! Alan and John failed to toast Neptune prior to our departure from South Georgia, so Skipper Steve has not had the favorable winds cooperate as he had expected. Nonetheless, after much rocking, rolling and tacking - we are at last making our final approach into Stanley Harbour. With all seven of us packed into the Nav Station, it is beyond a doubt clear that showers and laundry should be a top priority as each of us anxiously awaits that first footfall onto stationary ground. During the voyage a wager was placed regarding who could most closely guess our arrival time at Cape Pembroke. Apparently Audrey had a special connection with Mr Wind, and therefore her time of 5:00pm has won the cash pot, wine and beer. Skipper Steve and his top crew, Audrey and Maria, have once again successfully brought us to our destination with massive cups of tea, delicious gourmet cuisine, and much laughter. Despite the discomforts and night watches, all have had a good trip, we thank them for that. Now Alan and John must depart from our wee family, as they fly home to England and Canada tomorrow. John and Kris will tour around the Falklands and give the crew some space for cleaning, provisioning and repairs, before heading out with Xplore for Ushuaia early next week.

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