Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Xplore: So Georgia to Stanley 3 Dec. 2008

Can't get the munchkins out of bed!! Anybody would think that today we are cruising down the Nile as the face of the Southern Ocean showed its more tranquil side. Not that it's as calm as a mill pond - and we wouldn't want that either, because there is a race to be won!! 'What race?' you say? Wellllllllll . . . . skipper Stephen emailed the Falklands and booked a table for seven at the Brasserie, which is one of the nice restaurants in Stanley: dinner time is 9pm (UTC -3 hours if you want to work it out) on Friday night and we have 275nm to run, and a new deep low pressure of 967mb due in on Friday So whilst there is a betting sweep (which Kris is running) where for a meager 2 pounds entry, the winner - if they pick the closet time that we cross the official reporting line into the harbour limits, of Cape Pembroke and Mengeary Point - wins the kitty of 14 pounds plus a bottle of wine and a 6-pack of beer!!! 'Nearly as good as winning the national lottery! So the skippers dilemma is this: he runs the water-maker this morning now that it's calm ... this means that without the boat thumping away, people can shower; but instead they just sleep and sleep and sleep ... How can you keep on getting the sail changes done, to keep the speed up so we don't miss the dinner booking? Ahhh: it's tough being an expedition skipper. More news to follow as the time and miles tick on. ~ Stephen

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