Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tall Ships of Fame

Tall Ships of Fame

When I first heard two years ago about the Tall Ships circumnavigation of South America to celebrate the bi-centenary of the commencement to gain independence from Spain by Argentina and Chile I was instantly committed to being part of it.

Now the day has come, we are sitting at anchor in one of the small bays in Isla De Los Estados (Staten Island) waiting for our official reunion with the fleet before entering the Beagle Channel.

The only problem that the fleet has at present is the weather ! for the last 3 days the wind strength on the South East coast of South America has been appalling, the fleet has been scattered in different directions, with even the strongest and sturdiest ships making virtually no head way. The Mexican ship 2 days ago turned and headed into Puerto Madrin for protection, and at present the Chilean ship Esmeralda is the most furthest south.

The next 24 hours will be telling to see if the scheduled rendezvous here in Staten will be possible, or that with the delays we will have to move back into the Beagle Channel East where there is a second meeting point on the 19th.

Xplore is the only modern designed yacht which is a part of the 11 sailing ships involved in this momentas event, we will have 3 days in Ushuaia for local festivities and official events, before we take to sea again and head for Cape Horn.

More news to come as the fleet reaches the south


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