Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Golden Circle

Once in a while something really special happens, it doesn't necessarily have to be big ,but just special, and when its shared and enjoyed by a number of people at the same time then that has to be the best !

Xplore during our February Antarctica expedition was able by the grace of god (and some good planning) to be able to make it south and past the "Golden Circle". I am not talking tinned fruit you might ask, I am referring to being able to go to, and past the Antarctic circle, it is the spot in Antarctica and also in the Arctic where on the longest day of the year (December 21,22 or 23 depending on the year) that the sun never sets, it just stays up there in the sky, beaming away like a happy chappy.

We didn't get there on the longest day of the year but mid February, we did get twilight all night, and we also had some of the fabulous weather and scenery whilst down south, the whole continent was there in front of all of our eyes, grand, large, white and pristine, awe inspiring !

We spent a few days below the circle, no sounds apart from the local wildlife, and the lapping of wavelets against the rocks. Days and even weeks could have easily drifted away and none of us would have noticed or cared, those were some of the best moments that will stay embedded in everyone's minds.

But like a dream our eyes must open again, luckily we all have the chance to come back again and see that special side that only Antarctica can deliver, no other place is the same.


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