Friday, November 26, 2010

360 degrees

360 degrees

Sharing amazing life experiences with joy, is a gift, it doesn't always happen easily and it certainly doesn't mean that it is felt the same way by everyone around you, and at the same time.

Life on the outer edges of the remote parts of the world is different than what most of humanity see, and that makes those places important and difficult all at the same time. If remoteness was always easy then there would be thousands of people there.

Remoteness doesn't mean that its lonely or escapism, its just placing yourself in a different location so that you can experience something that is not seen or felt, in what many a person would call their normal life. And what one person calls remote, another would say its normal.

Often I meet people that talk of the loneliness of big cities, I have felt that feeling and it frustrates me, it doesn't make sense that with hundreds of thousands of people around you that you should feel alone, scared and without hope.

Anyone can also feel the same way in remote locations,especially if they have got themselves in a pickle and haven't got a solution to get out of there or to change things.

Each day we try to be the connection and the guides for helping those with us to have an amazing experience, and yet over the years I have also been learning that each person daily takes that responsibility into their own hands.

We choose the most desirable locations each day, based on our local knowledge, and of what people most likely want to see or do, then adjust those wishes and plans with a whole mixture of weather conditional aspects, temperature, snow or rain, wind strength, sea state, sunshine or clouds.

Then the wishes for each and every person comes into play, Do I want to get out of bed? Well that's a good start, Do I have a dream or desire for the day? Now that's not such a bad idea. Is that a collective plan or just their own?

Every year we see a wide ranging collage of people, their dreams, desires and aspirations are all so different. Some people know exactly why, and for what reason they are here, and some just don't really know, but they know that for some reason they really want to be here in these remote places, and that reason will present itself to them at some stage.

360 degrees is a full circle, a long way around at the equator, and also the full turn of a life. We see that here in these remote locations, the life cycles of animals and plants, the joy of birth and the sense of despair in death, the start and finish of each day, they're all 360 degrees !

What happens within any 360 degrees that we experience is up to us, but there is a start and a finish, and hopefully a lot of pleasure in the middle.

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