Friday, December 31, 2010

Year to Year

2010 slipped from the pages of the calender as we like wise slipped south into the Southern Ocean and Drakes Passage.

Xplore and our reporting of the adventures this last year have been a bit quiet, as the range of demands and activities have beem just a tad consuming! needless to say that we havent written because of the lack of want, but from the lack of time.

Xplore is full as a goog (greatexpression meaning a hard bolied egg because you cant fit any more in) a fantastic team of 8 ski / climbers and a hardy team of on board crew.

Tierra del Fuego weather kindly let us exit its shores in a calm smooth way, but its neighbours werent so knid, the Drake tried to let us believe that summer and warm weather would take us accross its seas, but he was only joking, as we quickly slipped into 4 reefs, and reduced stay sail and yankee.

The turning point from one year to the other sees us with 32 to 42 knots orf wind from the west, a heavy 4 to 5 meter sea slaps the "fat english girl"(Xplore) on the ass as we swish down the wave faces doing 9s and 10s on boat speed.

The washing machine out side gave a few team members a good dunking im the cockpit, but all were safe and sound.

We wish everyone that we know, and who have sailed with us a safe and very enjoyable 2011.


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