Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stomachs rumble, stomachs grumble

How could you ever look a client in the face before leaving to cross the Drake and honestly tell them that they weren't going to be sea sick ? Its a bit like thinking that a bank wont charge you interest rates on a loan.

Crossing the Drake though does come easier to some than others, but its often interesting as a witnessing by standing that is a none sufferer, about who will, and who wont be sick, an that is virtually impossible to judge or place a bet on.

There's the quiet sufferers who crawl into a corner, or to the depths of their dark cabin, there's the noisy "I want to make as big a mess" types, and there's the sly types where it just sneaks up on them and catch you by total surprise.

And you cant forget about the macho types, that always are looking for some thing else to blame this malady on "oh it must have been the peanuts that I ate" it's never happened before.

But I love the strong willed, get it out of the system and get on with it types.

You can see how horrible that they feel, their guts are wrenching, their faces are covered with tears and traces of the last meal, and they throw their heads back, lift their red strained eyes to the sky (obviously asking why god has done this to them) but they always surprise me because they just jump in and ask to help on deck, take another glass of water or even straight into another meal..... impressive.

There are though many medications and techniques that can help people to avoid or to get over from sea sickness, but the trouble is that it takes a test or two to work out which type works for the individual, that's the frustrating part, because even though you are taking something to stop or cure this, it some time reacts and can make someone feel worse.....poor poor souls.

But being comfortable and confident with the fact that you are on a boat,staying warm and dry but not too hot or too cold makes a difference, the human mind is a powerful device that does have the ability to help control the internal balance system that triggers this in people.


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