Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gale came, then everyone went to bed

Funny how some people just make you want to go to sleep.

Not sure if its their grey personality, their habits or lack of jokes but Gale seems to certainly be one of those types.

For our team of Antarctic ski climbers who managed to ascend 12 different peaks during their time on the white continent they all feel the same way about Gale.

Its a bit of a shame, because when you get to know Gale, she really does have some interesting sides to her, but maybe that just takes a special type of person to be able to see that.

We left Antarctica in mill pond perfect conditions, the whale society was out in full force for our departure, waving their hands, tails and blowing their horns. ooooh what a send off it was.

We settled down into sea life again, as Xplore changed face from "Hotel" mode back to southern ocean sailing mode, the forecast was for a soft start and then two periods when we would get some stronger winds The (Gale Sisters)

I write as a few snores and grumbles come slipping out from the cabin door ways, its been sitting stead at 38 to 45 knots of wind coming from the ENE, seas are about 4 meters.

The barometer is continuing to drop rapidly as we strategically position our self to go through the centre of the low pressure cell the heart of Gale) and then exit on the WNW side of Gale to give us a favorable wind direction to make the final run into Tierra Del Fuego and the Beagle Channel.

Position at present 60 degrees 19 minutes south, 65 degrees 44 minutes West


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  1. Ahhh, Ms Gale has visited me many times aboard Xplore! And every time she has kept me well and safe. With winds like that she is just getting a bone in her teeth and will be chuffing along at 10 or 12 knotes nicely. Enjoy.Wish I was there to see Ms Gale again.
    John ( Standy Uppy) Wilson