Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life in 2 yellow boxes

Five days in port can be hell, five days to get ready for international ocean passage is just plain busy, crazy busy, but luckily good.
When the boat is all packed, stowed and arranged, its amazing how everything just disappears into spaces, maybe to never be discovered for a long time ? hopefully this is the case with the wide range of spares that Xplore carries.
But I look at my cabin and my life on Xplore and it all revolves around two bright yellow boxes, these are the boxes that have my clothes, socks and thermals in, its the only space I have for them, you may think that this is pretty grim to only have 2 boxes, they only measure 400mm x 350mm x 300.
But as a sailor and being very accustomed to life at sea, this is more than plenty for a warm and comfortable life, even in Antarctica, why have more if you don't need more ?
We untied our dock lines at 1030am this morning in Ushuaia Argentina, and now we are heading east along the Beagle Channel to open seas, the South Atlantic to be exact, and from there we turn north for 7,500 nautical miles to the shores of France.
We have a good team on Xplore, just 4, Jane, John and Vincent and myself. days and weeks of open wide oceans await us, I long for those silent nights where we slip along on a calm breeze and bathe in the moon light.
The time for adventure is always very real on Xplore, and we know that our future is very bright, of ideas, of dreams and of very apparent projects that lie at our door step.
See you soon in Europe, Stephen

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