Friday, March 21, 2014


Ah the murky river waves that stain the shores of the water way. 

They're three giants to blame, with great South American fame. 

They empty their bowels non stop day and night, a relentless stream of brown disgrace. 

These giants of the River Plate, have different personalities from their home land states.

They gorge and they spew the soils and fluids of their lands, from fertile field, to barren slate.

Thousands of years these giants cease to abate, ever changing the channels and lanes.

Standing still, when its calm you really feel, this grand expanse is a desert plane.

If Casablanca was near there'd be camels roaming free with nomads in chase.

Its a water desert that's here, mighty river streams coming quite free.

Feed the giants and let them continue to snort, from Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, they're really having sport !

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