Saturday, April 5, 2014


2,400 nautical miles may seem to you all like a long way to go for a relaxing drink, yes that's nearly 5,000 kilometers, but our passage north from Uruguay has taken just over 13 days with some superb sailing, positive inshore currents to help along the way, warm weather and great fishing. 

Remote Brazilian islands there are not a large amount of, but Fernando de Noranah is one of their jewels. Located about 200 nautical miles off the coast to the north east it is a lovely volcanic tropical island with a wonderful array of wild life, on shore and in the sea.

Very popular for surfers, wild life enthusiasts and wedding honeymoon couples, there is also a healthy stream of visiting yachts heading either north or south in the Atlantic's as a stopping destination.

But being Brazil, it holds the essence of their culture is so many ways, their foods, drinks, music and their people.

Now men being men, and women being women, having even an average eyesight is very rewarding when visiting Fernando de Noronah, because the women there they have some amazing, outstanding features which makes me wonder why the letters BRA is the start of the country name ?? because they just don't seems to be needed.

Now the second part of the countries name I have also found out why it is, eventhough this is my third stop at Fernando de Noranah (yes for the wildlife and relaxing atmosphere of course) Brazil has over the last few years become a very very expensive country, their currency is now at about 2 to 1 to the US$ so its just as well that for spectator sports that you get your moneys worth ! which of course we did, but with World Cup happening very shortly if your going to be a visitor then come well armed with cash because that's why the second part of the country name comes from the word Zillions. 

We have departed Fernando de Noronah today, heading due north to the Azores, with a spectacular display of Dorado fish jumping 3 meters into the sky as they endeavored to catch flying fish, we all on board can honestly say that we were impressed and astounded by what we saw there in our time at this picture perfect location.


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