Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dream Eagle

Dawn light somehow creeps into my eyes, or is it within my mind that it presents a rude interruption.
Stop, don't come in, I refuse, you must not come like this, go, yes go away. Please leave me, for an hour or even a moment more.
Your light maybe feeble, but the light I have in my eyes has a powerful  brilliance that has been with me all night. Turn out that pathetic light, my soul needs fire.
I feel the weight of gravity leave the souls of my feet, I have felt this many times before and I am calm, excited and thrilled, I know what destiny is.
The light is precious, words are not enough as I lift through the edges of the trees. The leaves crackle in the breeze as I rise at a near vertical  angle to gain perspective and distant images.
Thinking is not needed, I am not floating, I am flying, there is no sound, only the air born  movements that tingle my senses on every nerve ending. Ah this is to be alive, where I am, and what state, I really don't know or care, but the sensation and pleasure is royal.
Three dimensions I have felt when ocean diving, water below and above, but I am trapped by the constraints of my lungs and the strength in my limbs.
To rise from the earth, to breath with ease as the forests and the hills expose their exteriors that humans can never see. These three dimensions are without chains and I am a natural part of it.
Go, please go, the haze of dawn tweaks again in my peripheral vision, go, don't destroy this ecstasy.
I have lifted and flown for god knows how long, the feeling of time has no bench mark or measure, everything exists with a harmonious calmness.
My arms are not wings, there doesn't seem a need, my body as an object in the particle filled air feels naturally aerodynamic.
With gentle change I can adjust my body angle, to slow or to give speed, either are equal pure pleasure.
Unlike being footed on land, height does not have the perspective and fear of a shear, cliff precipice or a tall building panoramic platform. I am safe, safer than ever before.
The spray and the splashes of the stream run down the rocky crevassed mountain which drops into the coastal pool, I descend alongside, speed and ease with the droplets sparkling in my vision. Turning through the cathedral rock pillars the view of fields dotted with colourful flowers opens to my right. A welcome mattress pre-warmed by the sun.
Don't touch my eyes, no, you are invading my haven. Please leave me alone, you know I am content, does my pleasure trouble you so.
Music comes to my ears, not mystical but a modern piece of trash, I hear the dog bark, god its already 0635 and a new day has just started.


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