Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Neptune's Garden

Come to me on your knees, respect, learn well and with eyes wide open I will let you play in my back yard.
The lessons are critical, the games start as fun, I will change the level of forces as you grow, don't be surprised when I hit you sometimes hard.
I let all come to my yard, the young, the weak and the strong, all are welcome to play for the day, my back yard is a wondrous place.
I protect many in my home, you may see just a few that inhabit with me, but there are thousands who rely on my care.
Unlike you, they were born here with me, they enjoy my world, a world in its own right, and my care comes very strongly to them.
Don't ever be a fool to think you know all about my yard, a few days of fun is not enough to protect you from harm, the lessons take years, if you come on your knees.
If you are stubborn, or maybe blind; if you can't put your ego aside, then your time in my yard will be limited to say the least.
Please embrace it all, there's so many pleasures to enjoy, share the news of what it brings and the treasures that it delivers.
But don't take me for granted, my wrath can't be measured by land mortals, I have seen you come and fall, only a few have survived and stand tall.
Bring peace with you to my house, I will double your endeavours.

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