Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stanley to South Georgia Island: 12 Nov. 2008

From Kris and John's perspective: The boat continues to rock and roll along toward So Georgia. Last night, all watches enjoyed clear skies and a full moon. It was gorgeous. We had two reefs in the main and a poled out Yankee. When the wind was up, we cruised along at 8-9 knots. This morning it clouded up, the wind dropped a bit and now it's raining. No snow yet, so no snowball fights like we had in the Beagle Channel. We just finished another scrumptious lunch, compliments of Audrey, our French crew. No shortage of food on this trip and the quality and variety of the cuisine is incredible! Not only do we indulge in gourmet meals, but we must have a cubic foot of chocolate onboard as well, and this doesn't even include the Snickers bars. No dieting on this trip! We've accumulated our own entourage of seabirds, and we are followed night and day by a motley crew of Cape Petrels, Prions, Black Browed Albatross, Great Wandering Albatross, Giant Petrels, etc ... At one point, we reckon we had over 50 seabirds flying around this strange yellow-sailed vessel. Captain Stephen is amazing! He is always there working the boat, handing out cups of coffee or tea and always bursting with positive energy. He clearly loves his boat, and sharing this love with his crew and passengers. So onward we sail, this cheery and well-fed boatload.

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