Sunday, November 23, 2008

Xplore in So Georgia Island: 24 Nov 2008

Tucked up in bed South Georgia is such a nice place: calm, blue seas, tranquil anchorages, warm days and starry nights . . . . . . . . . well maybe in another 50 years ! Xplore stayed yesterday in the protected anchorage at Cobblers Cove. Forecast was for a small but brutal blow during the night bringing gale force winds from the north-northwest. With good holding we tucked into warm beds after a great meal cooked by Kris, and an informative presentation about wildlife protection and how fisheries are working with the World Wildlife Fund on protecting bird species, which was made by crew member Maria from her experience in South Africa. Sleeping with one eye open, and a feel for the boat, we rocked and swayed at anchor as the winds increased and the barometer dropped. At 3am, and the first signs of light, I checked on deck and looked at the most current satellite images on how long this was going to blow. Despite a gnawing clang each time the boat yawed in the bay, we held like glue to the shores of South Georgia. Hmmm, I thought, time to go back to bed until the weather swings and eases. All going well - we will leave to head for the Bay of St Andrews where the largest colony of King Penguins resides for breeding. The story continues. ~ Stephen

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