Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ushuaia to Stanley: Day One

Ushuaia November 3rd / Puerto Williams November 4th Lat 54 56 S 67 37 W "One week on board a boat in port before a long passage can be hell, frustrating, hard work or just a long grind, as the preparation list gets smaller and smaller ... Finally, mid-afternoon today, Xplore headed out from Ushuaia for the Chilean port of Puerto Williams - loaded with provisions, fuel and clients - before heading east for the Falkland Islands. This we need to do because the Argentinians still insist that in leaving Argentina - if sailing to the Falklands /Malvinas - you don't need to clear customs because the Malvinas are theirs!! (However if you do this you will have a very unfriendly and complicated arrival and entry, by the English constables!) So late on the 3rd we arrive and settle down in Puerto Williams for the night, after completing our entry and exit paper work. Unfortunately the forecast for the 4th is not good ... there is a fair chance the port will be closed as the prognosis is for another low pressure cell (958mb) due overnight, with winds around the corner of the island peaking at 100 knots (hmmmm just a tad windy, even for down here). And so at dawn on Nov. 4th, Xplore sits in port, rocking to the gusty winds which tear through the mountain ranges of Navarino island; bringing showers and snow flurries from the south. A cold but relaxing day before heading off tomorrow." Xplore - Stephen Wilkins, Skipper & Expedition Leader

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