Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Locked up and blowing

The first two days here in Antarctica with the France Vs England battle of the "White Continent" teams have seen an array of talents and skills, muscles flexing as the raw flesh of seasoned athletes have been training and acclimatizing to the atmospheric conditions of the south.

Soft snow, deep leg trekking has been a favorite to harden the leg muscles needed to compete in this grueling knock out completion. High speed zodiac sorties, designed to test a persons balance, agility and strength of stomach as the G forces and acceleration can turn the hardest body into mush.

Evenings also see talents never expected, as the French have battled neck and neck with the English team on lager and red wine consumption. Night 1 had the English in the lead, but then night 2 saw the French make a flying come back as they gulped copious quantities of Syrah and Cabernet, we now see a line draw so far in this important point scoring part of the competition.

Flooding the heads, earlier on in the competition was found out to be a direct attack on the French team by the English, designed to give them cold feet and put the fear of god into the toughest of their team, referee kangaroo Stephen soon pulled a Red Card to this tactic outlawing all future use of this menacing and debilitating trick.

Today has been set as a "Lay Day", to enable teams to recover from the onslaught so far, the weather has been turned up to ensure that no teams sneak additional, and valuable training in the secret of the night, with wind strengths increased to 36 knots from the south, and a wind chill factor hitting minus 5, teams have been quiet and reflective as they plan for tomorrows events.

Referee Kangaroo Stephen said in this mornings official media conference that if teams don't maintain decorum, and restraint in trying to stymie the opposition then an addition day of foul weather will be arranged, meaning that teams which are currently on peak performance levels, will start to feel muscle failure as the cold dissipates their strengths and energies whilst bound to their team camps on board.

More exciting news to come through as the "Battle of the White Continent" continues

Referee Kangaroo Stephen

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