Saturday, January 1, 2011

Slay Bells Ring

How can one ever explain the joys of ocean sailing unless you have experienced it... and not been sea sick !

Ohh my heart goes out to those who do suffer this malady. and I can say that from my experience of youth when I also used to be vilently sea sick. My first encounters of sailing there in South Australia still bring vivid memories back to my mind and stomach.

We have taken the plunge across the Drake, the first stage was rough, wet and exhausting, for all of the team in their own ways, but slowly each have bounced back after fighting their own fears, dreads and doubts about what the Drake will be for them.

I am though very proud of each and every one, because they really came for what is on the other side, and their dreams were far stronger than their fear of the Drake, the white continent Antarctica is getting closer !

Position 59 15 South 63 09 West, course 169 degrees true, wind 29 knots WNW, boat speed 10.2 knots, out side temperature 4.1 C, water temp 4 C

Xplore Expeditions

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