Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't tread on ants

Don't tread on ants
The strong and the meek, the young and the old, this planet was made for all.
All creatures that it holds, they have formed their life's on land, in the oceans and river, and to the edges of the atmosphere.
We all share these places, and what we do, create, use and destroy has a compounding effect on every aspect and element within this planet.
Are we wise, I hope so, are we the wisest, I don't know?
But history has shown that human visions are limited, and even more, our memories are very short.
Each day, we as humans always  wish for good things in our surrounding life's. A small but micro that view always needs an expanded vision of the world to remind us, and instill the importance of  the greater aspects of our planet including each and every creature great and small.
Don't tread on ants ! they are one of our special creatures too.

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