Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So what did you do last month ?

 So what did you do last month ?
Well, life just seems to drift along with the same routine, I can't complain as I do try to build in some variety.
The weeks have been going so fast, and the work seems never ending, it's been 7 days a week that I find myself working, I just can't seem to switch my brain off.
I have been doing a lot of training programs lately, great when the people are open minded and positive, but hell when you have negative little shits who just shouldn't be there. I've had these foreign people as well, their English is not so good, so the courses seem to take 3 times as long, they just don't understand, no matter how I try to explain and even draw pictures, there is always this blank look on their faces.
Well even though the days have been long, at least when work is finished I can go and do some fishing, I started using some different hooks and lures, but I just kept on loosing them, don't know what was biting the dam things off, but I lost 6 or 8 in the last three weeks! Pay has been bad so I started making them out of Coke cans, quite fun until I found that the only thing it attracted were sharks. Nearly scared the day lights out of me when this 2.5 meter shark kept snapping and tugging at the can.
The weekends come and they go, we have been happy as there have been some long weekends, means we have been able to get away and see some different places, Gibraltar was nice, so English, Canaries was a bit dry and dusty but the temperature and the food was brilliant.
Paid some bills, they always pile up, but at least I ordered a new Zodiac, great price, better not tell the missus yet otherwise she will go nuts, but I know that she and the gang will be happy as I do take them to some fun spots with it.
We hadn't been to Cape Verde before so this was nice change, we were all so excited, that was all well and good until we found that we ate something strange and all ended up with upset stomachs, poor Jo must have used a bus load of toilet paper !
So my work has been on my mind, some nights I just can't sleep, I sit outside to think, which is a good thing as you do see some amazing things when the world is asleep. There's shooting stars by the hundreds, and we even saw one night a total eclipse of the moon, how lucky was that as it was a totally clear night.
Trying to think of something different to do to take my mind off work, some days I just think my life is all work work work, I even feel like a robot some times.
I may sneak a few hours off tomorrow as I have to drive to this other place, well on the way is this really cool spot that I haven't seen for years, there's good fishing there too, its called the "Rocks of Saint Paul's" sounds more like a cathedral than the reality that it's just a couple of boulders jutting out of the water. Anyway  it will keep the gang amused, they love it when I take them to different spots.
I better get back to it, as it's my shift now, and I am not meant to be stooging around on the computer when I should be driving the boat.

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