Friday, October 23, 2015

Football players and Ballerinas

Football players and Ballerinas
In both these professions everyone likes and wants to feel important, and whilst both performers are quite different they both have their ways and their tendencies that can, from an outsiders view point be quite interesting and even amusing to witness.
It’s not very often that I speak, or write about land based sports, but I so often explain to people that clouds are very much like footballers and ballerinas.
Clouds all have their own types and personalities which when studied closely or if you are just in the habit of being surrounded by them on a daily basis you soon get to see how, and why each have their own idiosyncrasies.
There are cloud that big and strong, they don’t like being pushed around and normally get their own way (Cumulonimbus thunder head towering clouds) there are the soft and fluffy ones, that just want to have a quiet peaceful life and to do just “nice” things in life (Cumulo Humulus, trade winds clouds).
There are the goal keepers that won’t let anything through, they mark the barriers which stop the mixing between different types (Stratus, layered clouds that are at temperature and moisture layered points in the sky, like a blanket)
And you couldn’t miss the pretty and perfect performers that dance in the sky, flutter their wings and make art work and patterns in the upper reaches of the sky (Fracto cirrus, wispy wind driven clouds that mark the oncoming performance)
At some stage there is going to be trouble, it can’t be avoided, you couldn’t have a world of performers prancing around without someone’s noses getting put out of joint, a bit like the local rugby team accidently walking into a gay bar, there is going to be some trouble. And that’s what happens with clouds as well, we see it clearly when cloud masses of different temperature, density, moisture content clash with each other, Yes Thunder and lightening ! and what a knock out battle you get to see there.
And guess what, they all have ego’s and feel that they are all individually “special” and rightly so. But whichever cloud you are dealing with at any given point you must respect that their performance is part of the grand spectacular that we all can witness each and every day, as long as we look to the sky, above and around us, you will never be lost to find a new friend to learn about, talk to, admire or to possibly understand.
Long live the clouds, one of nature’s performers

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