Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beef Indian Curry

Position 65 degrees 14 minutes South, 64 degrees 15 minutes west, Antarctica

We are located in Stellar Creek, chartered in 1935 by the British vessel Beagle.

This is located on the island of Galindez which was discovered in 1903 by the French expedition under Charcot.

Galindez is part of an island archipelago called the Argentine Islands, again discovered and chartered by French Charcot and named Argentine in appreciation for all of their support of their expedition.

But what has this got to do with Indian beef curry ?

Well tonight we are enjoying a fantastic Indian beef curry, made by an Australian, particularly for the British team of ski climbers that we have on board because a good curry is renowned as their favorite national dish.

It is accompanied by extras prepared by an Argentinean and 2 French, and is just in time before we visit the Antarctic station which is close near by which is Ukrainian, but formally was English.

Hmmm, a slightly large mix of international elements to the whole day.


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