Sunday, January 2, 2011

What to write ?

Writing can be such a power thing, for the writer and for the receiver.

But there are times when its hard to know "what" to write, even though you just know that there is something itching to come out, some part of your soul and experiences that need to be put down on paper.

I sit here tonight (well I cant really call it night as December in Antarctica and its close surrounding waters is never dark) but there I go,I've where was I, that's right, trying to find something to write about.

Our climbing / skiing expedition leader,Jim has stuck his head up from the cabin, he's a tall chap and a metabolism of a 17 year old youth, and the engine that drives him needs fuel, he's been just a tad queasy for the first day, but now that his sea legs are really kicking in his worms are restless.

Duracell Dave, our expedition surgeon, well he's been bouncing off the walls and ceiling, great guy to have around for a chat and a helping hand, always looking for something to do, and with a permanent smile, he's infectious.

Ski expedition surrogate woman Bethan, has come back to the world, its her first ocean sail, and the understandable nerves of the Drake started early.she took to her bunk and we didn't see her for the first 24 hours as the seas were a bit lumpy and not a training play ground, safe move. But now she's up and in the Admirals seat of the companion way and amazed at how the boat doesn't roll over, tucking into a modest bowl of Shepard's pie, she's a happy girl now and back off to bed.

More news on the team and its members as the adventure unfolds.

Position 61 58 South 63 04 West course 181 true speed 9.1 knots,

temp 3.3C water temp 1C wind WNW 24 knots


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