Friday, August 26, 2016

Screw the crew

Screw the crew
Yes I have sailed, and whilst possibly not the world's best sailor, I have been seen some miles and places.
To sail inevitably means that you need the help of crew.
To every boat, and to every captain there are good crew and there are bad, and not much in between.
Interesting that there is only one additional letter in the two words "S"
S for sail ?, S for stupid, S for sex, S for sensible......... where do the words originate ?
I have certainly been screwed by the crew, in so many ways, and the feeling of dread, agony at the thought of having to teach a new crew can be enough to buy a smaller boat.
It takes months to train correctly crew who are at any level of talent, some of the most frustrating crew are those who already believe that they know everything, even worse are the ones who believe that they are captains.
The roles of captain and crew are very different and can never be compared, oh I long for the day when I can just be crew, the simplicity, the ease of responsibility, a work list, a task to do, and then sleep with not much thought or care.

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