Friday, August 26, 2016

The Rules

The Rules
If your plans and dreams are in any way effected, blocked or delayed because of bureaucracy rules or regulations then Stop !
Stop you must, to re-think
Regulations and bureaucracy have reasons and hopefully were created and implemented for sane and logical reasons.
Unfortunately reason and logic used in the worlds regulatory systems often fall far short of the issues that they were designed for, or the problems that were first trying to address.
Foremost rules are created and aimed at the lowest common denominator, massaged, softened and compromised to fit 80% of the populist to enable implementation, control and conformity.
However, they are created by man, and that will never be infallible.
Take faith in your plans and dreams and always remember that its darkest before dawn when you feel like it's a losing battle that you face. If you truly desire to continue then stretch the boundaries of the regulations, approach them from a different direction, think differently and creatively  and you just may find a light in the tunnel of darkness and haze that is designed to keep the average and less motivated under control.
Believe in the reality of " Never say Never"

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