Friday, August 26, 2016

Your never ready

Your never ready
Your never ready for sea until you have left for sea.
Many boat sit and wait, you can never be 100 % ready this is a fact.
But there are good boats that will take you far and wide, if they are prepared well.
Preparation can seem to take forever, and be so complicated and frustrating.
But there will be a day when its all ready, your brains and your bones will be aching from the work, but its time to go.
If at all possible I do suggest that a departure, before the departure is wise, sail a short distance to somewhere its quiet and no one knows you, you will be surprised at what you find you have forgotten, missed or not done, and this time is wise time before really leaving.
From me sailing days, I recommend leaving at day break, fresh with a full day of day light to allow for everyone and everything to settle in. Make sure its easy and safe conditions, dont make it harder than it needs to be. If your superstitious well Fridays are out !
May the seas be kind, and the winds fair and free.


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