Friday, August 26, 2016

Touch me

Touch me
I smell you, but I see no sign, you touched me
I turn my head and you're never to be found, you touched me
You whisper to me, so sweet is the sound, you touched me
I feel you now, right by my side, the sensation so real, you touched me
I want you complete, don’t hold back on me, you touched me
Let’s dance in this breeze, so free can we feel, you touched me
I want you so bad, let move forward with pace, my throbbing heart aches, you touched me
What! your not sure this is it, you promised me bitch, don’t stop what commenced, you touched me
I feel left in the dark, so helpless and stark, no longer with me, I’m broken in half, you touched me
Oh don’t play games with me, I have seen similarly, there’s more of your type, but you touched me
Yesterday seemed so real, woken complete from the dream, was it real, yes it seems, you touched me
It was great whilst it lasts, but today is a fresh start, another walk in the park, will you touch me
It’s a life, bitter sweet, knelt wishing at your feet, if our paths cross again, please touch me.

A sailor and the wind


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